No Girlz Allowed!

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This camper van has to be the ultimate in the mega-masculine man cave approach to campers.  It looks like it could withstand a nuclear blast.  I particularly like the tiny thick glass window in the rear door.  Might be bullet proof.  But the crowning glory is the tiny green plastic Space Alien doll hanging from the axle on the left.  Zoom in to see it better.  This was what I call a “road kill”  photo.  I was driving home on my motorcycle one afternoon and saw this parked in front of a local rv store.  Since I always carry a camera, I hit the brakes and got the shot, totally unplanned.

VW Surfer Van

surfer van media

Parked along the main street of San Pancho, Nayarit coast, Mexico.  I particularly like the window sticker of Zapopan, Jalisco.  Long ago I  lived in Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico, when I worked for Artesanos de Tonala’ in Tlaquepaque, another suburban town of Guadalajara. Found during Christmas, 2017