Pill Jewels

pills blog

Part of the “joys” of getting older, I suppose.  Great mounds of pills need to be consumed.  At least the majority are merely supplements.  But they make a colorful composition, and seem playful and happy, like a kid playing in the ball pen at a McDonalds.

Walmart and Bananas, The Glassford Hill Volcano, New Construction, The Old Apache Lodge

walmart bananasmodified volcano blognew construction blogapache and cans blog

More experimenting.  We’re in a severe drought, so having things other than water fall from the sky makes sense these days.  I want to pierce the barrier of the 2d surface, break the illusions that photography creates.  The most real thing in these images is the black void behind everything.

Cans and Bones

bones and cans blog

Things just keep falling, order into disorder.  Maybe I’ll make things fall into order instead.  I’m experimenting with tilting the canvas.  It implies a much larger image, extending ‘way beyond what you can see: a view of the world through a crooked periscope, faulty information, faulty conclusions.