Laura Talking

Laura is my wife, and a willing and readily available model for my work.  I’ve decided it’s time to expand from just doing videos of myself to working with other people.  Over the past weekend I photographed several of my friends, and already have a tentative design for a video incorporating them.

The Anaheim Trip

This past summer we had to take my father to a heart clinic in Anaheim, California, supposedly to have a heart valve replaced.  It was a tense experience.  Adding to the surrealism was the fact that Anaheim is Disneyland country, and we spent the night in a Disneyland-oriented hotel, replete with evening fireworks, while my parents were in the ICU.


A kineograph of facial expressions while talking to the camera.  Speaking as a card-carrying old guy, the sepia faux-antique look seems appropriate.  People say my work is humorous.  Of course it is, but there’s a lot more than that going on.

Watching the News

I’m old enough that my father served in WW2, a war we fought to destroy fascism.  And now I’m watching the rebirth of totalitarianism in my own country, the USA.  I am horrified by the things our Dear President is saying, that any disagreement with him is tantamount to treason.  I remember when they used “Love it or Leave it” during the Vietnam war, but we aren’t fighting a war now.  This is all about Trump.  Either support everything he says and does, or leave the country.  That isn’t patriotism.  That’s insanity.  Now I know how the Nazi’s rose in 1930’s Germany.  It’s actually easy to create a Cult of the Supreme Leader.  We are in big trouble.