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  • Lately I’m into teddy bears and skulls, childhood and eventual death.  But, humor!  The tumbling bears are funny, the blanched skull also is more funny than gruesome.  The big question is, are the bears tumbling into the eye socket, or flying out of the eye socket.  Or, are both simultaneously true?

The Teddy Bear’s Navel

Teddy blog

Sometimes explaining what I’m thinking about is really hard to do, but I know people don’t automatically understand these images.  For me, the teddy bear symbolizes youth, the bones symbolize aging, and the navel symbolizes reproduction.  So I guess this shows the “circle of Life,” to reduce it down to the common cliche.  But bronzed bones (they used to “bronze” everything when I was a kid, including my baby shoes) and a violet teddy bear are also just fun to look at.


Pack Rat

Rat Pack pale skull blogWhere I live, in rural Northern Arizona, we have lots of pack rats.  Annoying creatures, as they eat the flowers and chew the car wires.  And they do collect random objects in their huge nests, including animal bones.  This composition makes me think of one of their nests.