Watching the News

I’m old enough that my father served in WW2, a war we fought to destroy fascism.  And now I’m watching the rebirth of totalitarianism in my own country, the USA.  I am horrified by the things our Dear President is saying, that any disagreement with him is tantamount to treason.  I remember when they used “Love it or Leave it” during the Vietnam war, but we aren’t fighting a war now.  This is all about Trump.  Either support everything he says and does, or leave the country.  That isn’t patriotism.  That’s insanity.  Now I know how the Nazi’s rose in 1930’s Germany.  It’s actually easy to create a Cult of the Supreme Leader.  We are in big trouble.

3 thoughts on “Watching the News”

  1. I’m feeling more afraid as every day goes by—are we on the brink of another civil war? We’ve sort of stopped watching the so called news, but do indulge once in while—did you see the stuff on Rachel about the opioids——just like tobacco. me


    1. I view news sites, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, Politico, Daily Beast, The Hill, and for a laugh, Fox. I suspect things are going to get a lot uglier yet, and I’m concerned that Trump won’t actually allow a valid election to take place. He can always declare a National Emergency, and Barr would support him.


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