Dry Season

My thoughts on climate change and the endless acquisition of wealth.  I know that in the short term there will be huge upheavals in humanity all over this planet.  People in many areas and countries will suffer horribly, and most governments, especially ours, will do little or nothing to prevent it.  They will, in fact, seek to exploit it for greater wealth.  Ice free sea lanes in the Arctic Ocean to gain access to resources is an example of this.  On the less depressing side, I also know that humanity will survive the climate change.  Sea levels will rise, and low-lying cities and countries will suffer and be abandoned, but new cities will be built.  Come to terms with it:  the government won’t do anything to prevent it.  So position yourself and your children to be able to deal with it and survive.  There will always be a future.

In this video, I have turned myself into a Chac Mool, an ancient Mayan rain god.  He is always depicted with a bowl on his belly for the blood sacrifices to ensure the annual rains. Look it up.  Is this cultural appropriation?  Of course.  But the point is, the Mayan civilization of a thousand years ago is long gone, but the Mayan people continue to flourish in Mexico and Central America, a pesar de todas las broncas, desatres y oportunidades de la historia. Adelante!

4 thoughts on “Dry Season”

  1. Love this piece and especially the writing——it’s so sane! Sorry we haven’t seen you for toooooo long. We’re off to Chicago/SNAG, then NJ, you know why, a couple days in NYC, then back to NJ for Morgan’s 3rd BD——come back June 5——hopefully we can score dinner over here with you that following weekend. Love you, me & Uj


    1. Dinner at any point would be great. Laura is in NY this week visiting with her folks, but otherwise we’ll be around. I actually thought my commentary for this piece was a bit too PC. I prefer to stick with the science, where ever it leads. Well, that, and it’s fun to become an ancient statue from time to time.


  2. I doubt you’ll have ocean front property any time soon, but climate change is disrupting and will continue to disrupt everything around the world. Here in the Southwest the evidence is in the archaeological record. 700 years ago a drought caused the abandonment of the Anasazi pueblos, along with warfare and malnutrition. Now more people than ever live here. But things can get pretty weird along the way. Mostly, I always wanted to be a Chac Mool.


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