Four New Images

All New and Shinyvalentine's day revised flatbig baby blogcrosseyed masculinity blog

I’ve been lazy/busy during the holidays.  Here are 4 recent images.

  1. All New and Shiny.  The artist as GI Joe, fueled by pills.  I actually don’t take many pills, and they’re supplements.
  2. Valentine Day.  Just what you need on these cold, dark days.
  3. Big Baby.  I’m starting to work with my own body.  It’s fun to distort it, to become something else.
  4. Crosseyed Masculinity.  The ghost of GI Joe, striding forcefully through a gold arabesque.

2 thoughts on “Four New Images”

    1. Ah, Susan; long time. What are you up to these days? We’re still in Prescott, living in the house I designed and built 11 or so years ago. I got tired of clay and the whole crafts world: too limited. Daniela is at Oxford, waiting to see if her Phd. dissertation will be accepted. Garret lives in Tucson, working for a chain of restaurants as a buyer/IT guy. He has a son, and my grandson, Fox, who’s 4. My second son, Lucas, is in the midst of his freshman year at U of A. Straight A’s this semester, major in Physics. And I do digital art. Less dusty! Write me at


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