6 thoughts on “Green Lyft Car”

  1. Yes, but an unusual green. These days the only green you see is dark emerald green. The owner of this car chose to have the car painted this after-market bright green. That fact is what interested me. The color choice reflects the owner’s personality, and that’s what I’m looking for in this project: how the owner’s personality is expressed in their cars.


  2. I’m still trying to figure out how to link Facebook comments directly to this blog. I’ll solve it after we return from vacation. I’m sure it’s simple, just not obvious. Tires are black, so they mostly disappear. I want all the focus to be on the vehicle and how the owner modifies it with paint, stickers, etc. to make the car their own.


  3. “You could get a lot of donut holes in there. Or was this the old truck that picked up Gary on a ride to Big Sur? The guys in the truck said they only had English Ovals to smoke. It was Cream.” Patrick Raftery, posted on Facebook.


  4. Great comment. Patrick, Gary and I were buddies back in the 60’s. Life has long since pulled us in different directions, but it’s fun to think back to those times. The 3 of us used to live in Santa Cruz, and on occasion went down to Big Sur.


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