The Cubist Head: Self-Portrait in the Gym

The Cubist Head, Self Portrait in the Gym

I’m usually unsure of new pieces.  At first I think, “what the fuck?”  Then I stare at it a while longer, let my eye flow over the colors and shapes,  wonder at possible meanings.  Like, why did I put a ceiling fan over that guy’s face?  I suppose because his lose of identity is my gain.  After all, he’s pretty buff in a feminized way, and I’ve never been even close to buff.  I go to the gym simply to slightly slow the hands of time, but not actually expecting to improve anything.

3 thoughts on “The Cubist Head: Self-Portrait in the Gym”

  1. WOW!
    I wish I had had a chance to walk through the Rauschenberg exhibit with you!
    You see much more than I saw when I saw it.
    Thanks for your comments.


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