The Future of Art Marketing?

Damien Hirst’s “Demon with Bowl” at the Palm Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

I have been watching, for the past decade or so, the slow but steady crumbling of the gallery world.  Marketing opportunities for artists have shrunk. Only a few, those marketing art at the highest levels, seem able to survive.  So, of course, where does a washed up pop artist from the early 2000’s go to sell his stuff?  Vegas, baby!  Damien has sold several pieces to the Palm Casino Resort, as well as designing a hyper-expensive suite for those .01% types that think Las Vegas is a classy place to hang out.  I guess it’s just an example of art in the age of Trump, but I find it infinitely pretentious and sad.  Perhaps I just need to go to this resort, and sit poolside drinking over priced margaritas, several of them, to fully appreciate Mr. Hirst’s genius.


What if I were as big as a planet, with my own atmosphere and my own gravity.  Would things begin to stick to me?  Would I develop my own magnetic field?  In an age of over-sized egos ruling the actual planet, these are valid questions.

My Life as a Century Plant


Every spring the older century plants send up a luridly colored and extremely phallic central flower stalk.  It eventually branches out and blooms, but until it does it’s quite startling to see.  It makes you wonder if maybe you should drape a cloth over it to keep it covered.

This is one of my first forays into GIF animation.  I’m having fun with it.